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Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature (NESCHIL)

(A Brief Profile)


The history of printing books for children in Nepal goes back to about one hundred years when readers were developed for children. Books specially prepared for Children were in wider use only after 1950s.  Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature (NESCHIL) was established in 1987 to promote children’s books and reading in the country. NESCHIL is a non profit organization. It’s members are writers, Illustrators, editors, publishers and librarians and teachers and experts involved in activities of children’s welfare. It is dedicated to the promotion and development of children’s literature.



Bring together the writers, Illustrators, editors of children’s literature and teachers, librarians and child experts and increase cooperation, friendship and goodwill among them.

Advance and upgrade the creation, publication, distribution of children’s literature and promote reading habit.



Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature is a pioneer among children’s literary organizations in Nepal, and develops social and academic attitude in children on order to support their learning and development. We encourage multicultural children’s literature which includes writers, Illustrators and editors of children’s books as well as publishers, librarians, teachers and experts involved in the field of children’s literature. We also strongly advocate children’s rights.

We carry out various workshops o story writing, storytelling and Illustrations focused on component curriculum. We research, organize- competitions for writers and Illustrators and honour them for their outstanding contribution in the field of children’s literature. We also promote co-operation among the national and international organizatios engaged in the development of children’s literature.



To achieve these goals, NESCHIL engages in several activities through a variety of venues.

We publish children’s literature books. We have published one Braille (2019) book and seven wordless picture books (Silent books- 2020) coordination with IBBY (IBBY Yamada Project.). We are planning to publish Braille and folk tales books of various indigenous groups. In addition, we have prepared and published a Nepali Children’s Encyclopedia with more than 700 pages with financial support from UNESCO, New delhi and Ministry of Education, Nepal and We have reviewed and revised it last year with financial support from UNESCO.

Organize annual conference every year in different parts of the country to make local children and parents aware of the importance of children’s literature and reading habits among them.

Publish journal annually named Bal Sahitya (Children’s Literature) in which papers written and presented in the annual conference on children and children’s literature are included.

Publish a quarterly News letters to keep its members and others informed about the activities in children’s literature and reading. News about children’s literature and reading in particular can be sent to its office.

Organize lectures and talk program on various aspects of children’s literature and reading.

In order to develop reading habits in children, the society has stared children’s Reading program as a national camping keeping in view the system of Mobile Library in a box type shelf. This system was started in 1993 with initial support from BOOKS FOR ALL and UNICEF. Also this reading program aims at establishing libraries in the schools and community centers and extending children’s sections in the existing big libraries of the country.

Encourage children to collect and re-write folklores of their locality.

Declare and honor of the best children’s books (Two writing and two Illustrations) of the year (Based on two separate age groups.)



NESCHIL has been organizing annual conferences in various districts of Nepal to create awareness and promote children’s literature and reading habits with various programs like storytelling, meeting the parents, paper presentations and discussions, workshops, book exhibitions and awards for best book of the year.

NESCHIL also helped to open children’s libraries by distributing Nepalese books under BOOKS FOR ALL programs. NESCHIL participated in IBBY congresses in New Delhi, Denmark, Spain and Greece. NESCHIL also organized workshops for writers and illustrators in collaboration with Danish Writers’ Association. NESCHIL completed many IBBY-Yamada projects. NESCHIL has been collaborating with various  INGOs like UNESCO, ROOT TO READ,   and local organizations like Nepal Academy, CWIN, READ NEPAL as well as the schools perform  projects and  to mark various events for children.


NESCHIL has been a member of the International Board on Books for Young (IBBY) since 2006 and working as Nepal section of IBBY (NBBY). NBBY is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland committed to bringing books and children together.



Membership is open to both individuals and institutions. There are four categories of memberships namely, General, supporting, Institutional and Honorary members.  NESCHIL functions by the honorary serviced of its office holders and members with a budget derived from publications, service charges, membership fees and grants. To become a member, please use our application form by visiting our website at

There are more than 200 members of NESCHIL including institutional members. The government officials and educators are also the members of NESCHIL. These members vote for executive committee for a period of two years.


Executive Committee

Names  of  Executive  Committee of Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature (2023-2024)

Chairperson                              Pramod Pradhan

Senior Vice Chairperson        Krishnadip Sigdel

Vice Chairperson (one for each province)

Koshi provience                     Dr. Yadevi Dhakal

Madhes provience                Nawaraj Risal

Gandaki provienc                 Bijaya Raj Neupane

Lumbini provience               Prof Dr. Kapil dev Lamichane

Karnali provience                Kali Bahadur Shahi

Far Western provience      Dr.Pushkar Raj Bhatta

General Secretary              Bijaya Raj Acharya

Secretary                             Dr. Vishnu Kumar Khatri

Treasurer                             Rajendra Bhakta Joshi

Members                             Arpita Shakya

Members                            Prabha Bhattarai

Members                            Bhanu Bhattarai

Members                           Manju Gyawali

Members                           Saman Shrestha

Members                           Sushila Pradhananga